Advent of Code 2019

As the name implies, this event is an advent calendar with puzzles instead of candy. It’s not precicely a CTF, but close enough for me! I write this as I’m in the final weeks of my undergraduate career, so I’m willing to bend the rules a bit to participate in this adorably well-themed event! I’m a sucker for good themes, and especially events with great visual design. This one has a very nice looking fullscreen terminal app style.

Being an advent calendar, there are 25 days of puzzles – each of which sequentially unlock at midnight EST. I came in a few days late, so I had to do the first few days of puzzles all at once:

There is a lot of prose in the problem descriptions, so I’m just going to paraphrase and summarize rather than copy the entire prompt into these articles. And, since the problems have been relatively quick so far, I’ll separate them into 5 groups of 5 days each: