• Years

    “My name is immaterial,” she said.
    “That’s a pretty name,” said Rincewind.

  • Advent of Code 2019 - Week 1

    I’m a little late to the party, but I heard about this from a fellow student, and it happened to occur during a very hectic time for me personally. Still, I wanted to work on it because it seemeed cute and fun!

  • New Projects Page

    It would have been simple just to redirect to my github page, and use the pinned repositories feature as my effective “Projects Page”, but I was in the mood to make something!

  • Captcha

    Charvises (the native species which lived on Charvis 8HD before the
    first settlers arrived) were very good at math. In a surprising
    symbiosis relationship between humans and Charvises, it was agreed that
    the Charvises would be responsible for C8.
    Can you pass their CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to
    tell Charvises and Humans Apart)?

    Look here for a listing of related files.

    Let me say, first, that this problem was fascinating to me. Once I started working on it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I solved it – and I fully acknowledge that I was a bit out of my depth with this one!

  • Dot-n-Dash

    The instructions to disable C1 were considered restricted. As a result,
    they were stored only in encoded form.
    The code to decode the instructions was regrettably lost due to cosmic
    radiation. However, the encoder survived.
    Can you still decode the instructions to disable C1?

    Look here for a listing of related files.

    We’re given an html document, which is mostly a base64 encoded font (perhaps a primer for C8? 😈), and the encoded instructions in a text file. Opening the page in a web browser is an easy way to get a feel for the encoding, but the real meat of the problem can be found in the script block at the end of the file.

  • Initial Commit

    This post is mostly a test of Jekyll and GitHub Pages, but it’s also my f1rst p0st on this site.

  • Section 6

    The challenge text reads:

    This file was recovered from a scavenger.

    (Look here for a listing of related files)

  • Crypto Factzors

    First DEFCON – first crypto village CTF! Unfortunately, this was the only puzzle on which I managed to make any progress. I only managed to get as far as I did with the help of some awesome people hanging out in the crypto village. In the end, I couldn’t puzzle out the key… but I did manage to solve the bulk of the puzzle. Thanks, Darío for convincing me to do this write-up!

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